Live Oak Landing Campground

Live Oak Landing

229 Pitts Avenue, Freeport, FL 32439

877-436-5063      Website

Dates of Visit: April, 2014   

With extremely short notice and no availability at any campground at a beach in Florida, Alabama or South Carolina, I luckily found that Live Oak Landing in Freeport, FL had availability for our Spring Break camping weekend.

Although, not on a beach, this campground is located tucked away on Choctawhatchee Bay.  There is fresh and salt water fishing right at the campground.  A fishing guide is available at reasonable fees.

Live Oak Landing is owned by a Corporate RV Resort company: RVC Outdoors.  They have several locations throughout the United States.


LOCATION – 2 Stars

Live Oak Landing is located hidden away on the Choctawhatchee Bay in Freeport, FL.  At the time of our visit, there were no facilities, restaurants, grocery stores or delivery options.  The area was just starting to build up so expect a lot more nearby services.  We had to travel to Highway 31A to a Walmart or Gas Station for supplies.  It was over 30 minutes away.

Their marketing material is great and that is what sold on us this campground.  We found the marketing to be accurate for amenities but at the time of our visit there were zero activities.  It was quiet and quite boring.  Every day, we would venture out to Panama City Beach or Destin for restaurants and activities.  Neither location is super close but manageable.


Go Carts in Panama City Beach, FL



CAMPSITE – 3 Stars

We stayed in campsite #16.  It is located directly on the Choctawhatchee Bay but had a lot of “lawn” space between our campsite and the water.  Our site was also located right next to the tiny screened pool.  By the way, the pool is screened due to the the yearly invasion of bugs.  It’s Florida and to be expected.  Our campsite was clean from trash but had a lot of cigarette butts everywhere.

The campsites are on an angle so it helps with privacy but there is not a lot of bushes or space in between the campsites.  The campsites in the middle of the campground are basically in a wide open space.   Campsites included a 30 and 50 amp hookup along with water and sewer and paved parking pads.  A wooden picnic table and a campsite grill are at each site. Trash pickup was every morning at the end of your campsite.


The Choctawhatchee Bay behind me



The bath house was extremely clean and efficient. This is the cleanest shower I have EVER seen.  The laundry facility was in good condition but extremely hard to find available.  The bath house is located in the same building as check-in.  During our visit, we were the only family with a child.  The pool was never used except by us and it was extremely chilly water!  This campground is a mix of rental tiny cottages and RV / Trailer sites.  The vibe was very quiet and serene.  There were no activities planned.


We found the wifi to be very good.  You will need a dish to receive cable channels but basic cable was available.



EXTRAS – 1 Star

Ok, so this RV Park gets fabulous reviews.  I believe most people are staying in the tiny cottages.  We just did not find this campground worth a return visit.  It was boring with no activities, no families and a freezing pool.  In addition, we used the dog park and one of our dogs did not make it home without a severe skin infection that our Vet thinks from the chemicals used in that area.  The dog park is fenced, narrow and long.  It gives dogs a great space to run but had lots of holes filled with water and mud.  There are no dog washing areas either.  It took a lot of money, several rounds of antibiotics and many months until our Yorkie was healed.  We learned a huge lesson about dog parks due to this.

If you have a boat, there is a great private boat ramp and dock.  You can fish from the banks of the Bay.  We fished from our campsite but the weather had made it impossible with the brackish water…..  this is not the campsite’s fault.  We consider the availability to fish at this campsite a huge benefit.



If you are needing a campsite near the beach but can not find availability, Live Oak Landing is a good alternative IF you just have to get near a beach but ok with a drive.  Destin is 30 miles away.  Fort Walton Beach is 38 miles away.   Panama City Beach is 40 miles away.  You will experience traffic to get to these locations due to the traffic on 31A.  The management is located on site and is constantly seen and available without being in your business.  This campground offers tiny cottages for purchase.  If you purchase one of these cottages, you are expected to rent the space it sits on and give up weeks to the campground for rental.



Dates of Visit: April, 2014

Accommodations At Live Oak Landing have small tiny cottages and RV / Trailer Spots.  They cottages are rented out by the Campground but most are privately owned.

All sites have Full Hookups: 30/50 amp, water, sewer & basic cable hookups.

Kid and Pet Friendly

Extremely Clean

Several Different Pricing Options/Sites. Book Online or Call Direct at tel: 877-436-5063

Good Wifi Connection

About 40 minutes from Panama City Beach, Florida

Walmart and many chain and local restaurants are within 30 minutes.



We did not golf on this vacation.




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